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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Links and responses to the first week

OK, so we have a number of responses to the first week's reading:

My buddy Wes D., from Kansas, puts in his 50 cents worth (2 cents would just never do!) in three posts over here at spiritual response.

Erin at Biscotti Brain is traveling, but taking her book with her. She, Sue at InnerDorothy and Poor Mad Peter over at Another Country are our Canadian contingent.

I want to mention Peter's posts here because he offers some cogent critiques of Foster's work here, here and here. Peter's stuff has great value, because it's easy for those of us who don't know any better (or don't have as much experience as he does) to see Foster's work as without flaw. What he writes doesn't dissuade me from reading - primarily because I'm more of a babbler than a writer, so Foster's style doesn't bother me as much. But I'm grateful for what he's written, and the analysis he's shared. The annoying thing is that Peter's going to be taking an extended leave from us, because some yo-you wants to pay him to do writing, and he thinks that should take precedent over our little study. You'll be missed brother - and come back when you can!

Virtual neighbor and frequent Ragamuffin commenter TK, from New England, has these words here

Then we have Faraja Mugamu, who (I'm guessing) is a friend of Messy Christian's. You can find her post on the introduction here and here

And lastly (but NOT leastly!), my friend Cherri, from Kansas, who is working on the the whole blogging thing, sent this comment to me to post for y'all...
I am reading CoD for a couple of reasons: 1. An old college friend of mine recently told me she had read this book 20 years ago and it changed her life. (after living half a country apart since college we recently discovered we are working in similar areas of ministry with only about ten miles seperating us.)

2. I was blessed to hear Richard Foster in person recently and I can really grab on to his preaching.

3. My dear friend Steve has provided and is encouraging this on-line study.

In my first read-through into chapter 1 I hightlighted and tagged material that popped out at me (there is a lot of pink highlighting). But curious, as I go back through now to note what I wanted to write about other things began popping out at me. But one of the first things that grabbed me was in the intro and then carried over into the 1st chapter. Our life takes affirmation from others. And what I received from this is that I should not look for who can affirm me but pray as to whom I can affirm. And that affirmation to me will come but I shouldn't fret about it. If I will but listen to God I will receive.

Foster write vastly of 'community'. In the intro he writes of 'teaching in community'. Being in "each other's homes-laughing together, weeping together, learning together, praying together. Some of the best teaching times grew out of the dynamic of those home settings . . ." And thorugh this life of community we can be the answer to a 'hollow world'.

So thank you to all who have been reading, and commenting.

So...has anyone tried actually sitting down and practicing meditation, yet?...


  • At September 17, 2005 12:46 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    I posted on my blog about my ongoing struggle to practice the disciplines.

    This is challenging for me, but I'm staying the course...

    thanks so much for doing this Steve. It is exactly what I need right now.


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